Amy's Story

Amy joined the National Citizen Service (NCS) summer programme in August of 2013. She signed up to the programme to embark on a new adventure during the summer break. She hoped to meet new people, make new friends, learn new skills, experience supporting the local community and increase her future prospects by improving her CV. During their social action project Amy and her team supported The Centrepiece Church by cleaning and redecorating both the interior and exterior to make it a more enjoyable and pleasant place for the community to visit. The project included painting rooms and the coffee bar of the church, cleaning the floors,  cleaning the garden by removing rubbish and weeds as well as creating a piece of artwork to hang in the Church.

From her experience on NCS Amy gained a better understanding of her community and an appreciation for the amount of planning that is needed to undertake a social action project. Most importantly Amy grew in confidence and self-belief in her ability to work within a team, and discovered her capability to lead one too.

After graduating from the NCS programme Amy expressed her interest in being more involved with CXK. After supporting a presentation delivered by CXK directors at the Cabinet Office Amy was offered the role as a youth trustee. After an away-day that included getting to know the other trustees and some team building exercises she was officially made a youth trustee.

Amy’s role as a youth trustee is to sit on the CXK Youth Board who represent young people in the area where CXK delivers. The youth trustees are first point of contact for CXK when they need a young person’s opinion. Youth trustees are expected to attend board meetings which are held at least 4 times a year, in which they will receive information and updates on matters that need deciding on. During these meetings the youth trustee can raise questions and voice opinions on the matter in question which can help with the overall decision-making process.

When asked why she wanted to be involved Amy commented that ‘the original attraction to the role came from the interest I had in the company after such a good experience on their NCS programme. After the programme had finished I was given the opportunity to present at Cabinet Office and the NCS graduation. Both opportunities provided me with a new challenge and I wanted to continue facing exciting challenges to help prepare myself for later life. The role of a youth trustee sounded interesting and different to the activities I usually partake in, and it therefore encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and see what I can achieve in a completely foreign environment’.

Amy became involved in all aspects of CXK. She became an assistant team leader on the NCS autumn 2014 programme where she used her previous experience to support other young people make the most of their opportunity. She also co-chaired a safeguarding conference in November 2014 and represented young people in the bid for prime contractor for the National Citizen Service programme in London. Amy’s confidence grew further and she was recently appointed the Chair of the youth board where even more opportunities and responsibilities await.

Amy comments that  ‘CXK have been nothing but supportive and helpful towards me by providing me with endless opportunities that are not only going to look good on my CV, but are also relevant to the career I wish to pursue. They have offered to help me with my personal statement, the National Admissions Test for Law and preparation for an interview for law-related voluntary work when I need it.’

CXK genuinely care about helping young people succeed and that is reflected in their dedication to helping young people across Kent, including me. With the opportunities and help I have been provided with by CXK, I believe that I am more likely to succeed as a candidate for my chosen universities and for any other law-related voluntary work I wish to undertake. CXK have made my goal seem more achievable and they have massively improved the confidence I have in myself to succeed.’

Programme Duration

4 weeks

Services Provided

National Citizen Service

Key Features


From her experience on NCS Amy gained a better understanding of her community and an appreciation for the amount of planning that is needed to undertake a social action project.