A Level Results Day 2023: Get Ready

02nd June 2023

The UK exam season has begun and many students are revising, taking tests, and connecting with their peers to let off steam. With all that in mind, it can be tough to look to the future and prepare for what’s next – A Level Results Day 2023! That’s exactly why we’ve made this guide covering everything you need to know in order to best prepare for A Level Results Day 2023.

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When is A Level Results Day 2023?

A Level Results Day is on Thursday, August 17th in 2023. Usually, students are able to collect their results from 8am onwards at their school or college, although this may vary, so please make sure to confirm with your school, college or exam centre.

The last couple of years had different accommodations to take in any extra stress of the pandemic on students however, this is the first year since COVID that exams and results collection return to usual.


How will A Levels be graded in 2023?

Ofqual has officially announced a return to the grading system used before the pandemic for the year 2023. Therefore the exams you are currently undertaking or have recently completed will adhere to the previous standards. Last year, the grading scale was adjusted to be more lenient compared to the pre-pandemic criteria, serving as a midpoint between the former boundaries and teacher assessment grades.

Now that schools have resumed normal operations, your exam experience and results day should align with the typical expectations. Consequently, there will be no leniencies in the marking process due to the pandemic, as per Ofqual’s multiyear plan to restore the pre-pandemic standards.

However, there will be provisions in place to support your cohort. Despite not having experienced nationwide school and college closures during your two-year study period, it is acknowledged that there has been some disruption. Therefore, the grading for this year will incorporate allowances for this disruption, ensuring that the overall results remain similar to those of 2019.

It is important to note that there is no limit to the number of students that can receive a certain grade, the grade that you will get will reflect your hard work that you have put into your exams, to add to this all exam are marked by independent examiners to reduce bias and they follow the same mark scheme written by the exam board, also Ofqual designs it to make sure it is no easier or harder to get specific grades across the different exam boards.

Read more on how A Levels will be graded in 2023.


How to prepare yourself for A Level results day

It might sound scary now but, you need to imagine how A Level results day will play out ahead of time. Lets imagine a world where you’re unprepared. You wake up, uncertain when and where it is. You don’t know what your results or offers mean, and therefore what options you have. Sounds scary right? Without preparing for the day, you’re putting yourself into a more difficult position to succeed, before the day has even begun.

Now let’s imagine a world where you’ve prepared ahead of time. You’ve woken up with enough time to shower, eat breakfast, and even prepare yourself mentally. You’ve left with enough time to get there on time, and you know exactly where you’re going. You have hopes for what results to expect but, vitally, you have other options planned just in case. That sounds so much better doesn’t it? This could be you if you prepare.

Before A Level results day, think of a plan for the day. This could just be in your head, maybe you prefer to write down, or you could even have a practice run day! What ever works best for you, just make sure you make the day as easy as possible for yourself by preparing. You also need to prepare for the grades themself. What’s your plan if you get the results you hoped for, or results worst than you hoped for? Also make sure to have a plan for if you get grades better than you hoped for. Many students don’t even think about that options, but it’s completely possible too!

Whether you’re looking to go to university, apprenticeships or a job, preparing will help you decide the best route on the day.


How can I get my A Level results in 2023?

On Thursday 17th August 2023, students can collect results from their college, school or exam centre in person. Though this can usually take place from 8am onwards, it can vary from school to school, so make sure you to confirm directly with your college, school or exam centre.

However, if for some reason you are unable to collect your A Level results in person, you might ask the following questions…


What happens if I can’t collect my A Level results?

First and foremost, the most important thing is not to worry – there are options available to you! If you can’t collect your results in person, you have alternative methods to receive them. You may be able to choose to access them online, have them mailed to you, or even ask someone else to pick them up on your behalf. Just be sure to communicate any changes with your college, school, or exam centre ahead of time. Now, let’s dive into the details and discuss these options further.


Can I receive my A Level results online?

Some colleges will share your A Level results with you online – however, this is dependent on your college and the exam board you took the exam with. A Level results might be sent out in an email in addition to your physical copy and sometimes you’ll have to wait a while. Whereas other colleges may only offer to deliver your results online if you have a genuine reason to not pick up your results in person. For example:

  • You have moved far away
  • You have sustained an injury which limits your mobility
  • You will be away on holiday

So don’t worry! You should be able to receive your results online if necessary, just reach out to your college ahead of time. Speak to your school or college to see what your options are.

Can someone else get my A Level results for me?

If you’re unable to personally pick up your A Level results, many schools offer the option for a friend, guardian, or family member to collect them on your behalf. It’s important to plan ahead and inform the school about this arrangement. To authorise someone else to pick up your results, you’ll need to provide a signed document to the school, indicating your consent and specifying the person you’ve chosen.

It’s essential for your designated proxy to bring a form of identification, preferably a photo ID, as schools will only release your results to the individual you have authorised to do so. So, if you’ve ever worried about someone else taking your results, rest assured that without your consent, your results will not be handed over to anyone else.

Can A Level results be posted?

Many college, but not all colleges, will post your A Level results. So long as you can provide a genuine reason to do so. Remembering that every college and exam board will make different decisions, it’s important you get in touch as soon as possible to see if they will.

If your college agrees to post your results, they might not arrive on your door step the morning of A Level results day, so be prepared to be patient.

So overall, please don’t worry!

Amendments can and should be made to how you receive your A Level results if you have a genuine reason. But you should reach out to your college, school or exam centre ahead of time. Speak to them in good time and find out how results can be shared with you, whether it be online, posted, in person to yourself, or to a proxy.


I’ve got my results… Now what? 

A Level results day 2023 is a day of celebration, not always celebrating the grades you’ve achieved, but instead celebrating the hard work you’ve put into the results you’ve achieved, but instead celebrating the hard work you’ve put into the results you’ve achieved, and while results do play a large part of your University application, they will also consider a wide range of information about a student, including your overall performance throughout school, teacher comments, personal statement and your predicted grades, moreover higher education although it can provide you with many opportunities, it is by no means the perfect option for everyone and there are many other paths you can take after A Levels. Sometimes you don’t get the grades you want but that’s okay, you still have many options. If you’d like support exploring your next steps, why not call a results day helpline?

By speaking to a qualified adviser, you’ll get support to explore your options such as:

  • Skills, qualifications and subject choices
  • Re-sits and re-marks
  • Post-16 and Post-18 options, including gap years and re-sits/re-marks
  • Moving away from home
  • Vocational learning routes including diplomas, apprenticeships, SVQs and NVQs
  • Careers, employment and setting up in business

The National Careers Service Exam helpline (0800 100 900) will be open from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00 to 17:00 on Saturday for two weeks from 17th August to 1st September 2023.


To summarise

A Level results day 2023 is on the 17th of August (whilst GCSE results day is the 24th). This is the first year since the pandemic that exams have returned to pre-pandemic grading but, there is protection for this cohort through a grade allowance for any disruptions. If you can’t attend GCSE results day in person, reach out to your school. Check if they can support you in receiving your results another way.

But most of all, don’t worry! GCSE results day 2023 is your chance to come together with your friends and families to celebrate the hard work you’ve put in, no matter the outcome. Got your GCSE results and still need support? Call the National Careers Service GCSE Results Day Helpline (0800 100 900).

Good luck!

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