Around The World in 80 Careers – Building Surveyor

Day 4

After embarking on his 3-hour train journey, our explorer finally arrives in Paris at the Gare du Nord station. As he leaves by the main gate, our adventurer is taken aback by the neoclassical architecture of the train station’s façade.

Whilst exploring the 10th arrondissement, he stops at Le Cadran du Nord, a quaint Parisian coffee shop, and starts to wonder about the roles needed to build such monumental station. After a quick search on Google, our explorer learns that amongst other roles, you would need:

 What does a Building Surveyor do?

The job profile Building surveyor | Explore careers | National Careers Service tells us that it is possible to train for this job via an apprenticeship or a university course.

You can search for an apprenticeship through

If you are a teacher, you can request apprenticeship support for your school through

If you need support with looking for an apprenticeship or applying to college, speak to your careers adviser in school or college, alternatively contact the National Careers Service helpline for support by telephone, email, post or online:

After pondering about the various roles needed to build a station like the Gare du Nord, our adventurer decides to explore Paris further, before making his way to Turin…

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