Around the World in 80 Careers: Careers in Space

14th September 2022

Day 16

“Look up!” cried our adventurer’s new friend Brian, whom they had met the day before whilst visiting the sites in the area.

Brian wasn’t making an obscure reference to the role of Architect (which our adventurer discovered the last time we checked in on them), they were in fact referencing the stars and clear night sky, as they were a keen Astronomer.

Now, our adventurer was familiar with the idea of Astronomers, as their friend back in England loved Astronomy and had combined her interest in the stars and planets, with photography (having studied photography at college many years ago). She produced detailed photographs of the moon as part of this interest, using her telescope with her digital SLR camera.

Brian and our adventurer decided to grab a bite to eat and they began to discuss the various careers related to Astronomy, from those which are more Art-based (like Photography) through to those that cross over, such as Space Scientists, Astrophysicists and Planetary Geologists: (called Astrogeologists in the USA:

Our explorer found it interesting that sometimes careers in other countries have different names and routes to get into them. Our explorer became more mindful of this as they discussed different jobs, as in many of these careers, you could end up working all over the world with people from other parts of the world!

“There are so many space careers!” cried our explorer… “is there a useful website, where I can find out more?”

Brian said “there are, indeed, so many options! You should have a look at: as well as, the!

…if you were wondering about how to become a Photographer, it’s also worth looking at:”

Our adventurer had a quick look and saw the role of Medical Illustrator:  (which came up by chance) … “I bet you can’t do an Apprenticeship in that!” they said.

“Have a look at this then…” said Brian, showing him The Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education website.

“You can’t yet, but it is in development – so watch this space!”


Written by CXK Careers Service Kent & Medway, Careers Adviser & Area Manager, Chris Targett

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