Around the World in 80 Careers: Golf Green Keeper

21st September 2022

Day 17

It had been great spending time with Brian, a new-found friend, and learning more about careers in space and the developments that were happening with apprenticeships. It appeared that the sky was no longer the limit!

Our adventurer only had five months left of their year out before they had to head home to England, so thought about where they wanted to visit next. They rolled on to their back and tried to remember the smell of bacon being cooked at home and hearing it sizzle in the frying pan. Did they really used to text their breakfast order to their mum from their bed- magic! What was that poem she used to tell them that made them giggle when they were little?

Two houses up for sale

One stick, one straw

Both self-assembly,

See pig next door

(Author: Rachel Rooney)


They would love to go to Lapland but it was far too early to be visiting Father Christmas. Their very first job was in banking, and they had always wanted to visit Wall Street in New York, or maybe the Pebble Beach Golf Links in California. They started playing golf from the age of six and often thought about how life would have been if they had been good enough to turn professional. In the end the lure of sunshine in California was too much and they decided that was where they were going to head next – just needed to check their bank balance first and perhaps phone mum!

They decided to carry on in Istanbul for a few weeks to spend some more time with Brian and have some extra cash in their pocket, which made them think back to their first job at their local bank and how much things had changed since then.

If you explore jobs in banking on the National Careers Service website you will find options such as

Bank Manager

Customer Service Adviser

Credit Manager

Investment Analyst



But don’t be limited by these choices, go on your own adventure and explore all the options available


Explore careers | National Careers Service


The day had finally arrived, and our adventurer was on the approach to the runway at Monterey Regional Airport, having taken a connecting flight from San Francisco. The flight from Istanbul to San Francisco had been a gruelling 14 hours and they were looking forward to being back on the ground.

They had an initial three-night stay at the Carmel Bay View Inn (mum had come up trumps!) and were excited to see if they would be able to visit the Pebble Beach Golf Course. They weren’t expecting to be allowed to play there but just to visit would be a dream!  They started to think about all the work that went into keeping the course so pristine.

They remembered the website Brian had shown them – The Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education – and thought they would have a look to see what it said about golf. They browsed through the occupational maps:

Occupational Maps / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

They were surprised to find that you could do apprenticeships at all different levels to suit people at different starting points.

Golf Green Keeper – Level 2

Advanced golf green keeper – Level 3

Golf Course Manager – level 5

Coaching Professional – level 5


Looking at the first job role on the list, the National Careers website showed that there are several routes to starting a career as a Greenkeeper/Groundsperson.


Groundsperson | Explore careers | National Careers Service

You can get into this job through:

  • a university course,
  • a college course,
  • an apprenticeship,
  • working towards this role,
  • specialist courses run by a professional body

Our adventurer checked into their room and decided to have a few hours’ sleep after their long journey, before exploring the area. They drifted off, dreaming about becoming the next Bubba Watson………….


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