Around The World in 80 Careers: Highways Engineer

20th April 2022

Day 6

As the torpor of the wine eases from the adventurer’s eye and mind, they ogle the sights of the fabulous Turin. Turin is capital city of Piedmont in northern Italy, with amazing architecture, café culture and piazzas; the Alps towering over the city, forming a stunning backdrop.

Our explorer is a secret car and movie fan and remembers the classic 1969 film “The Italian Job” starring the famous British actor Michael Caine, which was filmed in the city. The film features classic Mini Coopers racing to escape, having pulled off a bold heist.

As part of the heist the heroes (or villains, depending on your point of view) rig the traffic lights across the city, to create traffic chaos, as they escape in their redoubtable Mini Coopers.

Pondering this carnage in the film, our adventurer researches what type of qualifications you might need to repair traffic lights. It looks as if this is a technician level job as opposed to an incorporated or chartered engineer (who design these systems).

It is possible to enter this work either via an apprenticeship at Level 3 as a Highways Electrician or Service Operative or by gaining experience at college in a related discipline first, before further training in this area:

Whilst looking at the Institute of Apprenticeships website they notice just how many amazing engineering roles are available, including “standards” in development such as Space Systems Engineer!

Having travelled across the city, our adventurer finds a car rental service specialising in classic cars. They hire a Fiat 500 and set off into the fabulous countryside, heading towards Milan, one of the world-renowned centres of fashion and Art!

Written by Chris Targett RCDP Careers Adviser & Area Manager, CXK Careers.

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