Around the World in 80 Careers: Hotel Receptionist

17th May 2022

Day 8

Waking up to a hazy, sunny morning in their Milanese hostel, our explorer felt a need for a bout of prolonged warm weather after a long British winter. They leafed through the dog-eared copy of the Lonely Planet guide to Europe they’d found in the hostel’s reception and focused on the photo pages for inspiration for their next destination. Their eyes were drawn to a striking building with four steep gothic towers and, with further research, they knew the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was a must- see on their journey.

Having got to Milan on instinct, our explorer felt they needed some advice on the best way to get to Barcelona without making too big a dent in their limited travel budget. The hostel receptionist had been extremely helpful when they’d checked in the night before, so they decided to start there for advice. They were amazed to find the same person on duty; a friendly lady with an accent they were quick to recognise. Adina was originally from Scotland and was fluent in four languages, including Spanish and Italian. She was deeply knowledgeable about travelling through Europe, having travelled herself when she left her homeland. 

Adina suggested a low budget airline as the best option, as the road or rail network was not straightforward and would be expensive. She used an Italian price comparison site and found a flight leaving that afternoon with EasyJet for less than 40 Euros! She also recommended a free shuttle bus to the airport from outside of the hostel. Amazed at Adina’s knowledge, our explorer spent the time packing up his bag to consider all the skills needed for her job and whether this had a been a career goal for her growing up in Scotland.  

My World of Work is Scotland’s career information and advice website. It’s brought to you by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) – Scotland’s national skills agency. The site is designed to support everyone to develop their career management skills, no matter what stage you’re at in your career. Their career profile for a Hotel Receptionist provides information on what the job is like, skills and qualifications needed and what vacancies are available:

Hotel receptionist | My World of Work

Although focused on education routes in Scotland, the site has a range of excellent tools for identifying strengths, skills and more about your character traits.


As they  jumped onto the shuttle bus to Milan’s Orio al Serio airport, our explorer felt excited to take their first flight of the trip and wondered what awaited them in Spain…


Ryan Matthews

Area Manager – YES and Programmes

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