Around The World in 80 Careers – Marine Engineer

21st February 2022

Day 2

Our intrepid adventurer has arrived in Dover and thanked Craig for the lift. The next leg of the journey was to catch the ferry to France. Whilst waiting in the port they noticed that there was a recruitment day with a local ferry operator advertising the following roles:

  • Customs Declarations Assistant
  • Freight Booking Officer
  • Port Operative
  • HR Adviser
  • Infrastructure and Cloud Architect
  • Marine Engineer

Being surprised at such variety for a ferry operator, during the sail to France they decided to explore further and became interested in the role of a marine engineer.

Take a peep inside any type of organisation and you will find a variety of roles to match your skills and aspirations.

What does a marine engineer do?

The job profile: tells us that it is possible to train for this job via an apprenticeship or a university course.

You can search for an apprenticeship through

If you are a teacher, you can request apprenticeship support for your school through

If you need support with looking for an apprenticeship or applying to college, speak to your careers adviser in school or college, alternatively contact the National Careers Service helpline for support by telephone, email, post or online:

It was a cold and misty day, but our traveller could just make out the port of Calais in the distance…

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