Around the World in 80 Careers: Silver Service Waiter on a Super Yacht

27th June 2022

Day 11

Having explored Athens our adventurer was ready to get back onto the water, as they were feeling a slight sense of sadness, regards the stray dogs that needed help. They felt a return to the water would be the adventure they  needed!

Luckily, they had planned ahead. Many months ago (before the journey had started), they had completed the ENG1 or Equivalent Seafarer Medical (which was completed at an MCA approved doctors’ surgery). In addition, our adventurer had also saved up money from working in a hotel, to pay for their STCW basic safety course for seafarers, which they completed in Dover at the Maritime Skills Academy: (one of many places this course can be undertaken).

The team there had also linked them to super yacht recruiters. With their previous work experience of bar work and training in Silver Service, which they had done when they were much younger with a previous employer, the recruiters had arranged for them to join the crew of a super yacht in Greece when they docked. This meant that or adventurer wouldn’t have to undertake a “dock walk” to find a role. Something they had read about on the Viking Crew website:

It was funny how those experiences years ago, combined with how their ideas for their career and life had changed in recent years, were coming together. Our adventurer had really enjoyed their Silver Service training and was looking forward to applying their skills in a new setting. Although the training can be completed via private providers such as:, it is also possible to train for Silver Service as part of some Apprenticeships and college courses in Catering & Hospitality. Mixology was one area which our adventurer was considering for their future, after they had travelled around the world! Whilst waiting for the yacht they did a bit of research online…

Our adventurer reflected that combined with their sailing and navigation qualifications, gained through the RYA ( including a Day Skipper course the previous summer, that so many careers could be accessed through routes other than Apprenticeships and University.

Many Work-Based Training and career opportunities exist which, when combined with a wide range of transferable skills and flexible mind-set, can open many different doors and possibilities. The hospitality industry is just one example of this:

As our adventurer looked up from his internet search, he saw the super yacht pull into port… adventure awaits!


Chris Targett,

Area Manager CXK Careers service

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