Around The World in 80 Careers: Vineyard Apprentice

Day 5

Our intrepid adventurer enjoyed his train journey to Paris so much that he decided to take the next train to Turin and enjoy the French countryside through the window. As he was en-route, the adventurer passed through the beautiful vineyards of the Burgundy and Beaujolais regions. It reminded him of the wine tasting experience he received as a Christmas present back home. He had enjoyed a chilly tour of the vineyard before settling in for his wine tasting. Not only did he enjoy a glass of sparkling white and a glass of sparkling rose but he also had a glass of sparkling red.

Who would believe it!!! Sparkling red?

At Mount Vineyard he had learned that Viticulture (the process of growing grapes) and Viniculture (the process of making the wine itself) is one of the biggest growing industries in Kent. This is apparently a consequence of global warming and the climates of cooler countries such as England (and especially Kent) becoming more suitable for grape growing. He had been fascinated to learn that there are more than 500 commercial vineyards across the UK, and that Kent is one of the country’s three major wine regions.

Our intrepid adventurer decided to buy himself a glass of wine from the buffet coach and, as he sipped it, watching the countryside go by, the movement of the train gently rocked him to sleep…where he dreamed about all the jobs he could do in a vineyard;

  • Viticulture Apprentice
  • Vineyard Apprentice
  • Vineyard Manager
  • Winemaker
  • Cellar Manager
  • Wine Merchant
  • Project Scientist and Oenologist

Viticulture degrees – Plumpton College

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Agriculture Sector-Based Work Academy Programme SWAP

Vineyard Operative with Go Train

Week 1 – Tuesday 26th April 2022 – Friday 29th April 2022

Week 2 – Tuesday 3rd May 2022 – Friday 6th May 2022

Luckily, our intrepid adventurer awoke just in time before travelling through the snowy Alps and onwards to Turin.

Jackie Church

Regional Manager, National Careers Service

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