UCAS Clearing 2024: A Second Chance at University

29th November 2023

UCAS and clearing play a pivotal role in offering students a second opportunity to secure a place at a university. With universities releasing a comprehensive list of available courses during clearing, this process has become increasingly popular among students. In 2022 alone, nearly 67,000 students utilised UCAS clearing, with approximately 20,000 releasing themselves from their initial offers. But why might you consider using UCAS clearing?

Reasons to Use UCAS Clearing

There are several compelling reasons to use the clearing process:

  • Missed Predicted Grades: If you didn’t achieve your predicted grades and lack a confirmed university spot, UCAS clearing can help you find an alternative.
  • Undesired Offers: You may have received an offer from your insurance choice university that you no longer wish to accept.
  • Change of Heart: Perhaps you’ve had a change of heart regarding your choice of university or course.
  • Grades are Better Than Expected: If you exceeded your expectations academically and want to apply to universities with higher entry requirements.
  • Late Application: Even if you missed the initial application cycle deadline, you can still create a UCAS account and apply to clearing courses.

Popular Undergraduate Subjects in Clearing

Considering your course options? Here are some of the most sought-after undergraduate subjects available through clearing:

  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Social Sciences
  • Art & Design
  • Engineering

Qualifying for UCAS Clearing 2024

You can use clearing if you fall into any of these categories:

  • Didn’t meet the required grades for your firm or insurance choices.
  • Achieved better grades than expected and want to apply to a different university.
  • Changed your mind about your choice of university or course.
  • Applied through UCAS but aren’t holding any offers.
  • Didn’t apply before the 30 June deadline but want to attend university this year.

Mature Students, BTEC Students, and International Students in Clearing

Mature students and BTEC students can also apply through clearing without age or qualification restrictions. International students can use clearing if they meet the eligibility criteria and have already made an application through UCAS. Apply as soon as you have your grades to allow time for visa processing.

Four Simple Steps to Clearing 2024

Navigating clearing is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Search and Compare Courses: Start researching courses even before results day using tools like Whatuni. Predict your acceptance chances and filter courses by type, location, and subject.
  2. Contact Shortlisted Universities: After receiving your results, contact the universities on your shortlist with your UCAS ID, clearing number, personal statement, results, and questions.
  3. Confirm Your Place: Sign in to your UCAS Hub account when you receive a verbal offer and add the clearing course. The university will confirm the offer. If you applied directly, complete a Record of Prior Acceptance form.
  4. Prepare: Update your student finance details, arrange accommodation, and look forward to your new adventure.

Direct Application to Universities in Clearing

You can apply directly to a university. Ensure you provide results, a personal statement, and a reference. This process, known as Record of Prior Acceptance (RPA), allows direct entry. Not all universities offer this option, so check with your chosen institution.

Is UCAS Clearing 2024 First Come, First Served?

Yes, clearing operates on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s essential to research and be ready to contact universities on results day. Courses fill up quickly, and once they’re full, they are removed from clearing.

How Many Universities Can You Apply To in UCAS Clearing 2024?

You can apply to multiple universities through UCAS clearing but add one course at a time to your UCAS Hub. Ensure you don’t miss acceptance deadlines for informal offers.

UCAS Self-Release and Clearing Plus 2024

UCAS self-release allows you to enter clearing if you hold a firm offer but wish to explore other options. Clearing Plus helps you review university choices and matches you with alternative courses.

Coping with UCAS Clearing Stress

Be prepared for different outcomes, create a plan, and seek support from teachers, tutors, or family members if stressed. Student Minds offers valuable mental health resources.

Alternative Options to UCAS Clearing

If clearing doesn’t work out, consider taking a gap year to re-sit exams and reapply for your desired course in the following year. Research your options thoroughly before making a decision. UCAS clearing is a valuable opportunity to secure a place at a university that aligns with your goals and aspirations. With careful planning and research, you can make the most of this chance to shape your educational journey.




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