Tia’s Story

young woman posing, looking ambitious Before I joined CXK’s programme I was living in supported housing because I’d found myself homeless last year. I’d kind of hit a brick wall – I felt deflated and didn’t know what to do or where to go. I was at the Job Centre attending a meeting when two ladies came in to talk to us about the courses we could look at doing. One of them suggested the Prince’s Trust Team programme to me.

I was excited about the programme but also worried that the 12 weeks would drag. The programme was a bit difficult at times and did test me, but it has improved me. I now know how to handle things and how to deal with people better. I also made some really good friends. Before this course I only had a few friends, so now I have a lot more. We socialise together all the time and we’ll continue to. They’re all so supportive and have really helped me with my personal growth.

“I now want to go to University to do Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy”

The best part of the programme was the residential as it helped to bond everyone. I also really enjoyed the community project; it was amazing to be a part of taking something run down and renovating it. It was a massive sense of achievement to see our progress.

When it came the work experience element of the programme, I chose to work for Quex Park Livery, as horses have always been a passion of mine. They were so impressed with me that they’ve offered me a voluntary position. So I’m going to carry on volunteering there and build some valuable experience for my CV.

After the programme I’m planning on doing some courses on health and social care and mental health. I want to build a knowledge in those areas and then go back to college in September to study animal management. After that, I want to go to University to do Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy.

“As a person in general I’ve grown a lot. I’m not the same person I was. I’m not so anxious speaking to new people.”

Before I could never have spoken to a stranger in the street, but I’ve learned to push through and get on with it. The Prince’s Trust Team programme has given me direction, I had ruled out going to college as I had tried twice and neither time worked out. But the course helped me see I can do it.

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