David’s Story

portrait photo of male facing the cameraDavid, a young man in his twenties accessed the National Careers Service to work on his CV, and was very reluctant to engage in anything else. David had never learnt to read or write. He therefore found himself in a situation with minimal work experience, and leaving jobs quite frequently.

When David was asked why he found it difficult to sustain employment. He indicated that he felt people were laughing at him due to his lack of ability to read and write. He found himself starting fights with other members of staff, resulting in termination of employment. It was established that David was receiving social work and anger management support, and was keen to improve on this.
Eventually, a discussion developed about David’s illiteracy. David said that he was brought up in care and never went to school. As a result he never learned to read or write.

Eventually David agreed that this was the root of the problem, and with some persuasion, he agreed to visit the Adult Education Centre close by. There he was introduced to the Everyday English tutor, and she did a quick assessment on the spot. David was then notified he could start on the following Monday.

The tutor was contacted the following week of David starting. She said that not only had he turned up, but that he knew some people in the class and seemed to be enjoying it.

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