Gaye’s Story

Older lady sits on park bench, deep in thoughtAt 65, I wasn’t ready for my retirement, and I needed help finding a new direction to my life. I had tried to apply for jobs but felt that my age and my medical conditions were against me.

At a young age I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease – weighing only 3 stone by the time I was 17. I worked to overcome this and got myself fit and healthy. I then joined the army at 20, serving for 7 years. After leaving the forces I worked for a number of years for the police in an HQ role. After that I worked for an airline and later moved into financial services.

“Wendy gave me self-belief, hope and confidence to do something new”

After speaking to Veterans Outreach Support, they suggested that I make an appointment with a National Careers Service Adviser based at Adult Community Learning. I first met Wendy in August 2018 and have met with her a number of times since.

Wendy gave me self-belief, hope and confidence to do something new. She enabled me to appreciate my skills and understand that I would be valuable in the workplace. She helped me realise I had a lot to offer.

We completed an action plan and Wendy directed me to the National Careers Service Career Profiles and the CV writing pack, which I found very useful. Through my sessions with the National Careers Service, I realised that I would like to study a teaching qualification and become a sessional tutor. Wendy referred me to a number of different training providers in my area and also directed me to other people who could help me fund my study.

“My ultimate ambition is to be a teacher”

I will start my Diploma in Education Level 5 in April 2019 with Essential Training in Portsmouth. Without our meeting back in August I wouldn’t have had any prospects. Now I know exactly what I want to do and my direction of travel is quite clear. If I hadn’t met Wendy, I would have been no further on, as I had no self-worth before our meeting. I have realised that it is never too late to achieve what you want to achieve. My ultimate ambition is to be a teacher.

I now know that I have something to offer and I am not the worthless individual that I thought that I was before meeting Wendy. I now have the self-confidence to achieve anything that I want to.

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