Harry’s Story

I suffer from anxiety and I have found it really difficult to do anything, to be honest with you, I used to just sit about and do nothing all day because I was so anxious. That’s exactly why I was so excited when a local school offered me a place to start with them in the new year. I felt like it was my chance to get going again. But of course, it’s never as easy that. Due to Covid, they were not able to fulfil their original offer and I took a real knock to my confidence. It felt like I was back to doing nothing again.

“I was already an anxious person but, then Covid hit and I felt like I lost all of my confidence” 

Then one day, I remember my Mum mentioning Back on Track to me. Neither of us knew too much about it but, I knew straight away that it was my chance to get going again, and then in January I began the the programme.

We worked on so many different things at Back on Track but I felt like I needed to improve my communication skills the most. That’s exactly why the group activities were the most helpful to me, because I was able to talk in a group, I was able to meet with new people, and I learnt how to work in a team. By the end of the programme I wasn’t even anxious about the group work anymore because I enjoyed it so much.

It was something I needed to work on for ages and I’m so happy I was finally able to put myself out and do it!

“I needed to learn how to communicate in a team better and thanks to Back on Track, I’ve done exactly that and now I love group activities”

Back on Track has helped me in many different ways. It’s helped me to develop a routine, I’ve able to talk to new people again, and it’s got me out of my comfort zone really helping me to get my confidence back. In fact at the end of this year I’m even starting a sports course which I’m so excited for, they’re even letting me go in once a week for some activities in preparation.

My advice to anyone else in a similar situation to me, is to remember that everyone at Back on Track is there for the same sort of reason, so don’t be nervous and try to start a conversation with them. That’s exactly what I did.

“I’ve got my confidence back and I’m doing stuff again. What more could I ask for?”

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