Hayet’s Story

man with beard, smilingI recently moved to England from Algeria and I needed to find work. Back in Algeria I had worked as a translator, but that wasn’t a role that I could pursue here yet as I would need to qualify in English and then do a translation qualification. So I needed to completely rethink my career path. I’m a dynamic person and I really wanted to find a job that was challenging and would use my skills.

My main barrier to finding a job was my English. I’m fluent in Arabic, Italian and French but my English wasn’t strong. I was nervous speaking it as I didn’t want to make mistakes.

I met with my National Careers Service adviser face-to-face and we also spoke on the phone whenever I needed to. My adviser suggested I look into apprenticeships, as they provide such a good opportunity to train and build skills while working.

I started a customer service course through the National Careers Service to try and build some skills and confidence to help prepare me for finding work. It was also a good opportunity for me to improve my English, which I felt I needed to do to stand the best chance of finding a job.

At the start of the course I didn’t want to speak much, but with a few days I became more confident. I found I was constantly learning and even encouraged on of my friends to join the course as I found it so useful. I began talking to people more and more, and I’m now comfortably having conversations.

“I’m not afraid to make mistakes with my English and am learning from them, which is a huge improvement.”

I now feel clearer on what I want to be in the future and how I can move forwards to my ideal career – a Market Data Research Analyst. The careers advice that I’ve accessed through the National Careers Service has made my future more achievable. My language and confidence have improved and I can now talk within a group without feeling anxious. This has changed my life.

Coming to the National Careers Service has helped me to overcome the challenge of my lack of confidence in speaking English, and find the job that is suited for me.

To speak to a National Careers Service adviser, call 0800 100 900 or use our webchat (8am to 10pm, 7 days a week)

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