Johanna’s Story

young woman smilingMy work coach at my local job centre put me in touch with a National Careers Service adviser. At the time I was claiming Universal Credit and really wanted help getting back to work. I’m 23 so I didn’t have a lot of work experience. As a result I was finding that tough when applying for jobs.

My careers adviser was really friendly and gave me information about the retail sector and how I could go about finding a job in retail, as my personality is really outgoing. He also suggested that I do some volunteering to give me some great experience to add to my CV and talk about at interviews. I hadn’t thought of that. Meeting with my adviser helped me feel better about myself and my job searching. He helped me work out how best to prepare. We also did mock interviews so that we could look at areas I could improve. The National Careers Service website was also really useful, with loads of information about potential jobs that I could explore.

I ended up securing lots of interviews, and was offered a job! My experience with the National Careers Service really inspired me and I wanted to be able to make that same difference to other people. So, I’m now working as a trainee careers adviser and my training is going really well. My prospects have improved and I feel confident that my career is heading in the right direction. I now believe in myself a lot more.

“I ended up securing lots of interviews, and was offered a job! “

I’m really pleased to be studying for my qualification in career guidance, and being able to work while I do it. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to really apply myself to something I can believe in, and I’ve found it.

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