Lauren’s Story

Photograph of a young femaleLauren, 25, is a confident and outgoing young person who moved to Chatham from London two years ago with her young son. She was referred to Launch Pad from the Jobcentre Plus to gain support with finding her dream job as a teaching assistant. This was a role she knew would be fulfilling, while allowing her to spend more time with her son. A lack of knowledge about how to access this career had been holding her back. However, a 1-hour appointment with the National Careers Service, arranged by her Launch Pad mentor, was extremely helpful in clarifying her options.

“This has been a lifesaver”

Lauren soon enrolled in a Support Teaching and Learning Level 2 course. She is studying one day a week at college and spends two days a week on a placement with a Year 3 class at a local school. “I absolutely love it,” she told her mentor. “Already the difference I am making to the children is clear. The placement is in my son’s school so it’s really convenient for me too”.

“Having a mentor has helped me in many different ways “

Financial support from Launch Pad enabled her to buy a laptop and an essential reading textbook for her studies. “This has been a lifesaver,” she commented. “I can do research and work in the convenience of my own home while looking after my son. Having a mentor has helped me in many different ways and it’s nice to know that you are not alone. It takes place in a no-pressure, chilled environment. It has been good for my mental health as well as giving me practical support in helping me in the journey towards being a teaching assistant”.

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