Lewis’s Story

Young man laughing National Careers ServiceIn July 2018, I finished My A-Levels. I was applying for jobs every day and over the course of 10 months I managed to get 3 jobs. But none of them worked out. The main issue I was facing was my severe social anxiety caused by my high functioning Autism.

I saw a post on Facebook promoting the Sittingbourne Prince’s Trust Team programme while searching for jobs and decided to get in contact. Before long, I was in an interview. Then I went to a taster day as part of the selection process because so many people had applied. A few weeks later I started.

“The Team programme has really helped with my social anxiety”

The best part of the programme was the work experience. I got work experience with a marketing department and that allowed me to do the things I love and learn so much about marketing. And I now have two more weeks of work experience that I can put on my CV.

The Team programme has really helped with my social anxiety. I feel like I have pretty much now conquered it thanks to the programme. An example of this is that just yesterday; while waiting for my bus, I managed to have a conversation with a complete stranger.

I now plan to go to Canterbury College and study Level 3 Game Design, and then go to university. From there I can create a portfolio of my works and skills, send that out to different game developers and find a job, anywhere in the world.

If I hadn’t taken part in the programme, I would be in a much darker place mentally as I would still be applying for jobs of any sort that most likely come up fruitless. So I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that it has provided me with.

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