Sam’s Story

I left the recruitment industry after working in that sector for years, wanting to try something new. Leaving a profession where I was helping people to get jobs day in and day out, I naturally felt very confident in managing any recruitment process. I felt that I was aware of what was needed to write an engaging CV and how to conduct myself in interviews.

Whilst I was looking for work, I was put in touch with the Job Centre and, to be honest,  I didn’t see how they would be able to help me. I mean, after all – I was an expert in recruitment, right?

Wrong. When I spoke to my Work Coach and we identified that my skillset would be a great fit for upcoming roles in the Civil Service, I discovered that, actually, a lot of recruitment processes are very particular to the sector or role and that my “one size fits all” approach to CV and interview preparation just may not be the most effective.

So, I attended a Sector based Work Academy which was being delivered by the National Careers Service to prepare people for the unique recruitment processes associated with the Civil Service roles. In the two-day webinar the National Careers Service advisers were able to go through each stage of the selection process and give top tips on how to approach each step; fantastically breaking down the success profiles, behavioural statements, and situational judgement tests – even going so far to outline the STAR method and its uses in achieving desired outcomes.

With this preparation I was able to go through the Civil Service recruitment process and get through all the sifts, and I was finally offered a role in Maidenhead Job Centre as a Work Coach.

I am certain that without attending the National Careers service webinar,  I would have been dramatically caught off guard during the recruitment process and possibly wouldn’t have been as successful. The thorough covering of the recruitment process by the National Careers Service undoubtedly gave me a massive advantage in getting into the Civil Service and securing the role I am currently in and enjoying now!


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