Sam’s Story

teenager sitting down, looking happyAt 17 years old, I joined the Prince’s Trust Team programme in Ashford, run by CXK. I had recently finished my construction course and didn’t know what to do next. At the time, I was accessing support through an organisation called Catch 22. They advised me that CXK would be able to help me access the right programme to improve my skills and qualifications.

I wanted to work on a variety of skills, but ultimately my independence, team work and communication. That’s exactly what the Team programme did. It improved everything. I can now happily work in a team, I know how to interact with others and communicate ideas and plans. Now I can efficiently contribute to group discussions and respect what others have to say.

“I feel far more confident in taking charge”

It’s evident that it’s helped. I feel far more confident in taking charge and others have noticed, including my boss at the horse’s yard. When’s she away, she now leaves me in charge.

Upon completing the Team programme, I was aware that I still needed my Maths and English qualifications in order to enrol on my desired course at college. Fortunate for me, CXK also offered a programme that does exactly that. So, without further hesitation, I signed up to CXK’s Elevate programme in Canterbury. I wanted to mainly work on my Maths, English and IT skills. And I wanted to continue developing the skills I gained on the Team programme.

“I was successful in achieving my level 2 English qualification”

I was successful in achieving my level 2 English qualification, which I’m really happy about! I’m still waiting for my Maths results, but I have definitely improved my Maths and I’m confident in using the skills I’ve developed.

Without CXK I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today. I’m ready to go to college, I’m now able to sort things out on my own and I can socialise and communicate with other people, instead of walking away when I don’t get on with them.

“CXK has really helped support and prepare me for taking my next steps”

CXK has really helped support and prepare me for taking my next steps. As a result I no longer have to do a foundation course at college, and can start my Level 2 Mechanics course at college in September. I feel better in myself because I have accomplished so much in such a short space of time, I feel I have earned it. My motivation has significantly increased and I’m no longer worried about attending college, unlike this time last year, when I didn’t even want to apply.

At CXK we’re proud to provide training courses, development programmes and emotional support, advice and guidance which help young people to develop the skills and confidence to take their next steps in life.

Whether you’re looking for careers advice, want to develop your confidence, are looking to improve your Maths and English skills, or aren’t in education or employment and unsure what to do next; our services can provide you with the essential skills and confidence you need to ensure you’re in the best position to move forwards. For further details on the services we offer, visit our Services page.

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