Amy’s Story

I first came across CXK’s Get Connected when my careers advisor shared the mentor volunteering opportunity with me. I felt like it would be a good opportunity to gain experience with SEN (Special Educational Needs) and boost my confidence.

I was in year 12  when I joined the programme and I was taking English Literature, History and Biology for my A-levels. During secondary school, I did peer mentoring in my lunchtimes for the younger years and I feel like I’ve always enjoyed helping others, so wanted to continue doing so outside of school.

“Being a Peer Mentor has made me a better listener”

I have enjoyed getting to know my mentee and I feel like being a peer mentor has made me a better listener. One thing that has been quite nice is that my session starts at 5:30 so I have time to chill out and read a book before our meeting and I wouldn’t usually have a set time to do that.

At first, it was a little awkward having the sessions as we were getting to know each other, but now it’s just like meeting up with a friend. I really feel like the programme has helped me to meet my goal of becoming more confident.

“I’m using my experience from CXK’s Get Connected to support my job applications”

Currently, I am applying for teaching assistant roles and I’m using my experience from CXK’s Get Connected to support my applications. After that, I want to go on to do a Childhood Studies course at university.

If I had to say something to anyone thinking of volunteering with CXK I’d say: don’t be nervous about starting. I was pretty nervous about the interview and meeting the staff at CXK and then my mentee, but none of it was as overwhelming as I expected it to be and you get a lot of support.

CXK’s Get Connected is a peer mentoring project matching young people together for structured activities based in Maidstone, Dartford and Gravesham. There are currently vacancies available for both Mentors and Mentees. Find out more on our Get Connected page.

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