Wayne’s Story

Profile of a young man with glasses and a beardWayne was 22 when he self-referred onto Talent Match in September 2016, after seeing a flyer for the programme at Chatham Job Centre. Wayne had been unemployed and claiming benefits since leaving education 5 years before. He was low in confidence and struggling to go through the process of continuously applying for jobs without success. Wayne was living at home with his partner and daughter. He felt that he could not provide for his family.

Wayne immediately began engaging with his mentor, discussing career goals and aspirations. Wayne had no clear plan about what he wanted to do but was open to any opportunities that may arise. He always approached every appointment with a positive attitude. In addition to creating a plan for Wayne to access work, a CV was created. This helped Wayne recognise how many skills and attributes he had that would be appealing to an employer.

“Wayne had a successful 2 week work experience placement at Marks & Spencer “

In February 2017 Wayne had a successful 2 week work experience placement at Marks & Spencer where he was able to demonstrate his team working, commitment and work ethic. He did so well on his placement that he was initially offered a sustained placement. After that he was offered part-time paid employment at the Maidstone branch. But unfortunately, due to personal reasons, he was unable to accept.

This positive experience, however, gave Wayne the confidence and belief that he could gain employment. With Talent Match’s support he started generating his own gardening work in his local area, again gaining valuable experience and enhancing his self-worth and belief that he could achieve his goal of full-time employment.

“I gained confidence and found direction”

In July 2017 Wayne was offered and accepted a full time grounds maintenance position with Clapham Landscape Services. He has quickly become a trusted and valued member of the team. The impact on Wayne’s confidence and personal life is immeasurable, he recently proposed to his long term partner, who accepted, so he is now planning a wedding and honeymoon for 2019!

Wayne said: “In 2016 I had nothing and no clue of what I wanted. Through the appointments with my Talent Match mentor and the work experience at Marks & Spencer I gained confidence and found a direction.

The ongoing support once I gained work helped a great deal, knowing that I had someone to talk to about the issues that come up and knowing that if it didn’t work out my mentor was still there to support me.

Before I joined Talent Match I was in a horrible place where I was angry at the world. I’m now walking around with a smile on my face!”

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