15.10.20 Feedback via LinkedIn for Chris Targett and delivery at HBHS from Head of 6th Form, Laura Wrigley: “Chris Targett RCDP Your energy never ceases to amaze me. You were 1st class. I love the way the students respond to you. Excellent delivery on careers and pathways – thank you In the diary for next year…. #thankyou #education #students”

19.8.20 Feedback for C Targett from client “Hi Chris, I just wanted to let you know that I accepted an offer from Ofcom this afternoon to begin a higher apprenticeship as a policy officer starting in September. Thank you for all the help and support you gave me during our sessions. I honestly couldn’t have done it without your guidance. I hope you are well. Thanks again, Harry Howell”

23.7.20 Feedback for C Targett (15th July) from Careers Leader in St George’s Sch. “Chris … I personally don’t know what I would do in this job without you. A huge thank you from me!!! Viv x”

23.7.20 Feedback from Year 11 at St George’s Sch regards support by C Targett (on chasing down and resolving lost application for college): “Thank you so much best news I have heard all year thank you so much for all your help I couldn’t of done it without you. From Courtney”

6.7.20 Feedback for C Targett from parent (private 121 iv): “Hi Thank you so much for helping Amelia. She found the session extremely helpful. It has really motivated her. Have a great weekend. Kindest regards Karen”

3.7.20 Feedback from client (friend of Cranbrook student): 2nd July 2020 for C Targett: “. All the information was extremely helpful and I think I’ll talk about it with me parents to see what they think is best. I like the portfolio career idea as it gives me a lot to work with but I’ll think about it all. Thank you so much for your help.

3.7.20 Feedback for C Targett: 24th June 2020 from parent via St George’s Sch school lead: “I have spoken to Sharon at length on the phone and she says you have sorted it all out for Ivy and her son. She was singing your praises – as always well done!! If only all carers were as good as Sharon. Thank you so much. 100% attendance on interviews still intact. Take care. Viv x”

3.7.20 Feedback for C Targett: 23rd June 2020 from Head of 6th Wye School “Hi Chris, We have had nothing but praise for how helpful and timely the careers interviews have been. They are feeding in to out one to one meeting with students and have helped them with their research on post Y13 options. Many thanks for helping the students focus, it will pay dividends especially in September, when things such as UCAS get more ‘serious’. Regards Dr John Marks Head of Sixth Form”

10.6.20 Feedback from student at Cranbrook Grammar school for C Targett: “Hi Chris, Firstly, thank you yesterday’s session I found it very useful and feel much more confidently about everything I wanted to cover! Sorry that I did not send this email yesterday, there was a problem with my email in that my emails were failing to send.
I’ve looked through the LMI website and I do think I would be quite interested in finding out more about how it all works and if I was to pursue it as a career what the job requires. Thanks, Izzy”

5.6.20 Feedback for C Targett from former STG Student: “Hi Chris,
Just want to say a huge thankyou for your help yesterday! Our session has given me confidence in my job search, and has reminded me to not be so hard on myself if things don’t work out straight away.Hope you’re keeping well, talk soon.   Luke”

13.5.20 Feedback from independent careers adviser for C Targett (via email) regards vlogs and blogs for covid-19 “Thanks, Chris, I will definitely be sharing your vlogs and other resources, they are comprehensive and helpful. Lis”

12.5.20 Feedback for C Targett regards chairing the Careers Writer Association from member “Thanks Chris, Your Chairing, was absolutely brilliant 👍!   Your good humour and personal interest in everyone shone through despite hugely challenging circumstances in the current climate. The CWA is in the best possible hands and I remain proud to be a member. Have a good week 😊 Hils”

11.5.20 Feedback for C Targett from Year 11 student at STG (C Ni) regards sorting college place: “Thank you for all your help it really means a lot I hope u and your friends and family are doing well.”

1.5.20 Feedback regards C Targett from student at STG (remote service): “It was very helpful Thank you and I am happy with all/ any of this being sent to the school. I am very glad I had this support because at first I didn’t want to go to university and I didn’t really have a plan but now I’m actually excited and looking forward for starting the next step in my journey and I can’t Thankyou enough for that. I would rate it most definitely a ten. I think the best thing about the session was now have a better understanding on the whole situation as it’s a whole new step for me and my family of being unsure about how to apply and when and what’s best. The links were perfect and I’ve saved them so I can look at them whilst making a decision. Thankyou- Holly”

13.3.20 Re: private 121 x2 (siblings) from their Mum: “Dear Chris Thank you for forwarding in the targets and review from yesterday. We will defiantly be in touch regarding both Lily and Harry. They both came away feeling very positive, reassured and inspired by your approach. Two very different children and watching you work with them was like watching a tight flower bloom starting to face the sun and open it’s petals. You got Lily chatting and giggling and that’s something for a first meeting that is indeed a rare sight. Seeing Harry realise that his past difficulties and his twisted pathways aren’t wasted and won’t stop him achieving his potential. With self belief and your guidance he can and will meet his goals of life in making a difference to the world. Harry has so much to offer the world and with your help he most defiantly has belief that he is worthy of success. You are incredibly astute and your unraveling of their needs and characters made me smile as a mum. Thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm, the world needs more people like you – inspirational. We will be in touch shortly regarding a Harry CV etc A heartfelt thanks and hope you manage to have a good weekend. Kindest regards Sharon Sent from my iPhone”

21.2.20 Feedback from parent regards C Targett and delivery at FSG Evening: “A Star – Hi, I just wanted to say how enjoyable Chris Targett made my daughter’s 6th form evening we attended the evening a bit perplexed with my daughter options and Chris added much needed clarity in a fun way. My daughter left inspired and energised about her prospects. Thank you Chris. Kind regards, Michelle Johnson”

Dates are when entries were made on the log.