Commissioning CXK

CXK has an extensive breadth of experience of working with and supporting children and young people and their families to maximise their potential, this has helped us accrue considerable knowledge expertise and skills that are often commissioned to deliver, support and evaluate a range of projects across the South East.

We work in with many agencies and in a wide range of venues and environments that suit our client’s needs.

Who do we work with?

CXK work with babies, children, young people and adults.
In 2014 CXK worked with 96,000 people across the South East.


Our Offer 

Early Help Services

Our range of early help services have all been developed to support young people with issues that arise in their lives. Our services provide support at an early stage to ensure issues do not escalate. Our key services include: mental health and well-being support (Young Healthy Minds), youth work and play services.

We work closely with Local Authorities to provide early intervention health services that deliver high social impact to communities. Our offer has been developed in partnership with service users and provides support around a number of issues, such as sexual health, substance misuse and family relationships. 

Youth Work 

CXK services support young people to develop skills and confidence by giving them advice and guidance, as well as offering training courses, development programmes, emotional support and even mobile youth clubs.

Careers Management 

CXK offer careers information advice and guidance to both young people and adults. CXK Careers advice is independent high-quality advice, with information about local education, employment and training opportunities. Young people can access advice through schools and one to one sessions with an adviser. Training and development programmes also offer young people the opportunity to access advice and guidance.

CXK deliver the National Careers Service, offing adult’s free impartial careers guidance.

Carrus is also available at CXK. It is a Career Management Toolkit which helps people to manage their career and employability in the 21st century. The programme focuses on key qualities identified by employers themselves. These are qualities associated with performance, wellbeing and the quick transition to new and different roles. After completing a Carrus assessment, a personal adviser offering follows up with a one to one session


CXK provide a wide range of training opportunities to young people and adults.

CXK offer a range of training programmes for those aged 16 to 25 which support the development of practical skills needed to improve chances of progression onto into employment, education or training. Training programmes also offer the chances of gaining a nationally recognised qualification or accreditation

In addition, the CXK training department offers accredited and non-accredited courses and workshops for adults, facilitated by our highly skilled staff, for individuals wishing to further their professional development and for businesses wishing to upskill their staff.

To discuss ways in which you could commission CXK to deliver outcomes for your children and young people's project contact Gill Cahill, Director of Business Development on 01233 224244 or email her at

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