This page includes links to resources which may support you with your application for a Community Grant.

Required forms and information for grant holders will be added in due course.

Application Guidance

SELEP ESF Community Grants Funding Application Guide

SELEP ESF Community Grants Partner Details Form

Useful Information

SELEP Skills Strategy

SELEP Economic Strategy

Interactive map of postcodes in the SELEP region. (Click on local enterprise partnerships, choose south east. Then click on place/postcode search.)

Forms for Grant Holders

*Please note that these forms have been uploaded to provide an indication of the type of evidence required during the project and as such they should not be used for official purposes. Once the grants have been awarded, new forms will be provided for use in practice*


CXK Quarterly Reporting Schedule for Grant Holders

CXK Quarterly Progress Report for Grant Holders


Community Grants Eligibility Checker

Finance Documents

Staff Time sheet

Mileage Claim Template

Expenditure Claim Template

Mileage Claim Cost Summary Sheet

Staff Cost Calculator

Monthly Finance Return

Participant Management

ESF Community Grants Participant ILR Entry Form

ESF Community Grants Participant Progress Form

ESF Community Grants Participant Exit Form

Marketing and Branding Guidelines

ESF Marketing and Publicity Guidance

ESF A3 Poster

ESF Logo – Colour

ESF Logo – Black & White

ESF Case Study Consent Form

Individual Case Study Template

ESF Case Study Guidance