CXK KickStart Fund

Supporting young people to get one step close to achieving their dreams

CXK's services are available free or for a nominal cost.  Some young people on CXK programs struggle to find the funds to enter education, training or employment, and that is why we set up the KickStart Fund a few years ago.  Your money helps us to help them with costs for things like travel, work clothes, and training equipment.

Read on to find out how KickStart is making a difference to young people's futures, and how you can get involved.  

KickStart is only one aspect of CXK's fundraising, and we'll have exciting news soon about our events in 2017 you can take part in!

Who and how your KickStart money helps

Lucy, 16 - received equipment to attend the National Citizens Service program

Lucy accessed the KickStart fund for clothing and new shoes so that she could go on the National Citizen Service (NCS) residential. Lucy's mum could not afford these, and Lucy was at risk of not being able to attend the residential as she didn't have a coat, warm clothing, suitable shoes or a bag to put all of these things in. Thanks to the KickStart fund, Lucy received these vital items, and her mum contacted us after the program to tell us that Lucy's confidence had grown so much thanks to NCS.

John, 18 - received a train ticket to attend an induction for an apprenticeship

John had just finished sixth form and had secured himself an apprenticeship in Canterbury. However, before he could start his apprenticeship he had to attend an induction in Ipswich. John was estranged from his parents at the time and working with social services to find accommodation while relying on the kindness of a friend's parent. Unfortunately John did not have the funds to travel to Ipswich, which would have meant that he would have lost his apprenticeship. Following a successful application to the KickStart Fund, John was able to attend his induction, and is now progressing well on his apprenticeship. 

Shane, 17 - received money to attend the IMPACT course

Shane's ambition in life is to enter the armed forces, however he missed several years of school and as a result did not achieve the GCSE results he needed to join. He had been told that the IMPACT course would be able to help him not only gain the maths and English qualifications he needed, but would also physically and mentally prepare him for life in the armed forces. Shane was so keen to get a place on this course that he started a part time job to help pay for his place, however this was not enough money to cover the cost of the entire course. Shane applied to the Kickstart Fund and we were able to award him with the fees to pay for a large contribution of his course fees. He is now working his way through to completing his course.

Katie, 18 - received a travel pass for the first month of her apprenticeship

Katie's ambition in life is to have a career in the legal sector. She had successful secured herself an apprenticeship placement in Canterbury, and was planning on paying for her travel her placement with her new part time job. Unfortunately Katie's first pay day was later than expected, and she had no other means to pay for her travel from her home in Ashford.  At risk of losing the placement that she had work so hard to achieve, Katie spoke to a member of the CXK team and made an application to the KickStart Fund, and she was given a month-long travel pass. 

Thank you to everyone who has raised money for the KickStart Fund so far!

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