Fire Walk

Venue: Singleton Environment Centre, Ashford, Kent TN23 5LW
27th Oct 2017 19:30 to 27th Oct 2017 21:00

Events Management

It's time to get fired up for CXK's 'Charity Fire Walk'. Join us on Friday 27th October 2017 at Singleton Environment Centre, Ashford, Kent. 

If you like a challenge, then you'll love this. A short 5 metre walk across red hot embers, burning at approximately 1236ºF...

Are you brave enough to take on the challenge, or will you crumble into ashes? 

Well then, if we've convinced you, sign up to our event here. 

CXK has appointed the The Fundraising Firewalk Association to run this event for us. They have a 100% safety record, and with the support of trained staff all the participating walkers will be trained and motivated to brave the heat.

Every penny raised will be used to support vulnerable children and young people in Kent though our emotional health and wellbeing counselling service. Each day we support dozens of children and young people to cope with their mental health issues, to stop self-harming and to access talk therapies. With your help we can reach even more.


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