A large part of CXK’s work involves helping young people and adults to build the skills and experience they need to progress into work, training, or further education. Our links with employers are therefore vital to helping us to get the individuals we support to be ‘work ready’.

Many young people begin our programmes with little or no work experience. Without this experience, progressing into the working environment can be a daunting experience after years of following school timetables. With the right support, however, a young worker can  quickly become a skilled and valuable member of a team.

At CXK, we’re looking for local employers to partner with to help us inspire the next generation’s workforce to progress in to work. As an employer, you can demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to your community by helping us in the following ways:

    • Provide work experience opportunities

      Give young people the opportunity to experience the world of work by offering a workplace visit or period of work experience. Employers often struggle to find the right person for a new position, and CXK can help find passionate people who are looking for exactly your opportunity. This also allows you to try out potential future employees, seeing how they fit with your team.

    • Work with us to fill apprenticeship or traineeship positions

      Offer traineeships or apprenticeships that enable young people to gain relevant skills whilst gaining real world experience.

    • Offer workplace visits

      Welcome some of the individuals we work with to spend time in your workplace.  In this way you can support their career decisions by showing what it’s like to work within your field.

    • Provide mock interviews

      Support local young people in developing their interview skills by helping to deliver mock interviews.

    • Speak at a local school or college, or at a careers event

      At CXK, we provide a range of careers guidance services to young people through events, schools and colleges across Kent. You can support us by working with us to deliver sector-specific workshops to students. For instance, those workshops might provide information about your industry and job role expectations. Alternatively you could join a ‘Dragons Den’ panel as an industry expert and help to develop our young people’s skills on one of our employment programmes.

    • Offer additional training to improve future employability

To find out more and to discuss how you can demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility, and support your local community as an employer, please get in touch.