The Inspiration Agenda

The National Careers Service

Designed to strengthen the links between young people, education, employers and key local partners, the Inspiration Agenda is a government initiative to provide more real-life contact with the world of work so that, when young people, come to make the big decisions about “their future”, they understand where different choices could take them. 

Through our work within the schools and colleges across the South-East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP), we aim to provide independent and inspirational information and choices; facilitate informed decision making; and raise ambitions leading to a more successful and dynamic local workforce.

How can you get involved in the Inspiration Agenda?

Studies have shown that there is a significant link between a young person’s experience of the world of work whilst at school, and the chances of them becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training).  Young people who’d been in contact with four or more employers were nearly twice as likely to believe that they’d a good idea of the knowledge and skills needed to do the jobs they wanted to do.

As an employer you can help CXK achieve this by:

  • Offering to speak at a school or college
  • Getting involved in careers events
  • Helping to deliver workshops or training around your industry or expertise.
  • Giving your time with mock interviews

As a school/college, you could:

  • Request resources to enhance careers and employability offer
  • Contact us with information about your school/college careers events
  • Invite speakers in to your school from different industries and companies (we can help with this)
  • Consider hosting visits to workplaces as part of your work experience offer

What are the benefits of the Inspiration Agenda?

  • Joined up, integrated career choices with deliver Information and advice services to those who are most in need
  • Informed decision making and raised ambitions lead to a more dynamic local workforce
  • Access to mentors and role models
  • Improved employability through long term relationships with schools, colleges and employers

For further information, download the Inspiration Vision Statement or contact

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