Career Planning – The Importance of Insight

07th December 2018

At CXK we have been working in partnership with EMSI to produce bespoke posters for each area in Kent detailing the opportunities within each local authority, designed to further support our young people and adults to make career choices which are more informed. We have placed these posters as a free to access resource on our website, as part of our civic duty and wider charitable aims to support as many people as possible.

These posters have utilised granular data produced by EMSI (economic modelling specialists) to provide greater insight of the labour market in each area. We know that labour market information can be collected in many different ways; for us the benefits of granular data for clients is profound, and an explanation of this data can be found here.

How granular data is being used by some of our careers advisers during interviews can be found here.

Labour Market Information (LMI) can provide us with insights into different jobs and opportunities, telling us what is available now or predicted to be in the future. It can be gathered from a wide array of sources from websites run by Government funded organisations, through to adverts for job vacancies in local papers and online. Even anecdotal sources such as conversations with friends and family can give us information on who may be recruiting. Each source can provide us with different information on the labour market.

Turning it into intelligence, however, is key which, is where careers guidance comes into play, helping those making decisions make sense of the data. We hope that the posters help teachers, parents, carers, coaches and careers advisers across the county support those making careers decisions. It is in this spirit that we gladly publish our LMI posters online at:

An example of how one of our leading partner schools, St George’s C of E Foundation School is making use of this information online for their students can be found here.

If you are interested in developing your careers education, information advice & guidance or counselling programmes further please contact us on 01233 224244 or email

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