CXK Awards Education Futures Trust Funding to Support Vulnerable Adults in Hastings and Rye

04th November 2019

CXK has awarded Education Futures Trust funding for a project which engages vulnerable adults in Hastings and Rye, and empowers them to reach their full potential. With the new funding, the ‘Without Walls’ survival project will deliver a series of courses designed to increase levels of well-being, emotional resilience, exercise, confidence, motivation, communication and integration into the local community for those who experience poor health, disability, low income, long term unemployment or those with complex needs.

The grant has been awarded through the Community Grants Scheme, funded by Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) via European Social Fund funding (ESF). CXK will be allocating grants of more than £600,000 in total over the course of the next year; grants which are available organisations which help those furthest from the job market improve their skills and/or get into work or training.

An initial 10-week course will see participants spend time learning how to care for the land and natural habitat, and preserve conservation areas. Working individually and in groups, and supported by a dedicated mentor, they will learn new skills such as horticulture, tool creation and use, whittling, shelter building and making a fire. Participants will be involved in physical and engaging activities; learning to work as a team and developing creative skills, independent thinking and problem solving.

Participants will have the opportunity at the end of the first 10 week course to move onto the Advanced ‘Survival’ 5-6 week programme will utilise their newly learned skills to improve local natural areas. As they then subsequently transition into volunteering roles after this 5-6 week course, they will gain greater autonomy and move into/closer to employment.

Shar Brown, Outdoor Learning and Facilities Manager at Education Futures Trust, said: “The Without Walls project offers participants the opportunity to negotiate a social setting on their own terms and at their own pace in a supported and therapeutic setting, working side-by-side to conserve a secluded area of meadowland with the familiar environment of the local park. In addition to giving back to nature and to the community, the group develop relationships of trust with others, build and share skills and knowledge, and move towards volunteering, educational or work-based placements. We are delighted to be supported by CXK/ SELEP to offer this innovative engagement programme over the coming year.”

Education Futures Trust strives to improve the life chances of deprived children and vulnerable adults in Hastings, Rye and the surrounding area. The charity provides holistic support to those in areas of disadvantage in order to build their resilience, and uses education to break cycles of poverty and deprivation in a sustainable way. To find out more, visit:

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