CXK Beneficiaries Receive Exceptional Service

Saturday 5th March 2016

A recently conducted consumer feedback survey, amongst those people who actually experience the service which CXK offers, has revealed that 93.7% of people surveyed said that their overall impression/opinion of CXK was favourable, with 41% saying ‘very favourable’. 

People not only felt supported (94%), inspired (79%) and valued (91.4%) but also confident (91.3%) and in control of their life (88.7%) as a consequence of their programme.  83% of people felt the charity had made a positive impact on their lives, with only 2.7% said it was a negative impact.

When asked who CXK served, 49% of respondents recognised that the services were aimed at no specific groups. 42.7% thought that we aimed our services at young people aged 11-18 (i.e. the Connexions audience) and 20.3% thought it was adults of working age.  Where people identified with specific groups, it was usually because they were part of that group themselves.

Conducted over the telephone by an external market research agency, the respondents, who were selected at random, covered all of the contracts CXK is currently, or has, delivered over the last twelve months.

These findings complement the results of a survey amongst CXK's stakeholders and partners, which was undertaken in May 2015.  Within that survey, respondents confirmed that CXK is a both well-known and well respected provider of careers information, advice and guidance.