CXK Delivers 70 Youth-Led Social Action Projects to Benefit Other Local Charities

Friday 15th December 2017

As Local Charities Day takes place, CXK reflects on the impact of its social action projects in helping to develop the skills of Kent’s young people while boosting the profiles of other local charities.

A significant part of CXK’s mission to ‘inspire people to thrive’ is through the delivery of a range of skills programmes designed to provide young people with not only the  skills and confidence to move into work, or further training and education; but also to inspire them to give back to their local communities through social action.

The charity delivers vocational skills programmes, in the form of the Prince’s Trust Team Programme and the National Citizen Service programme, to young people aged 15-25. These programmes are designed to teach the young people it works with to build skills and confidence to support them in entering sustainable education, employment or training. They also include a strong social action focus, with the young people involved in designing and delivering a project to benefit their community, usually delivered over the course of two weeks.

In 2017, CXK supported over 70 youth-led social action projects through its programmes, and in doing so benefitted over 50 under-represented local charities. During those projects, hundreds of young people from across Kent have donated over 24,000 volunteering hours to supporting and raising awareness and donations for charities including Beach Within Reach in Thanet, Ashford Counselling Service, Folkestone Rainbow Centre, Canterbury’s ‘The Rising Sun’, and Kent Refugee Action Network.

Pauline Smith, CEO at CXK, commented: “It’s so important for local young people to get involved in social action; it helps young people develop a level of social awareness, a sense of belonging and strengthens their bonds within their community. By getting young people involved in social action and volunteering early on in life, we are equipping them for their future, while supporting some very worthwhile local charities. CXK is delighted to support other local charities in this way.”