CXK Launches Trailblazing Employment Project in Kent & Medway

27th September 2019

Young man is filmed for his video CVCXK has launched a trailblazing employment project to support unemployed adults in Kent and Medway to find work.

Working Heads helps jobseekers to create a great first impression and access employers in an engaging way through video.  As part of the project, job seekers attend workshops which take them through the process of creating a video CV. That video is then uploaded to the Working Heads online portal, which is accessed by local employers looking for candidates to fill existing job opportunities. The project is designed particularly to support those who can struggle to secure an interview with a traditional CV format.

Anthony Hollingdale, Project Manager of Working Heads, explains: “As an organisation, we have more than 20 years’ experience helping people find work. What that experience has shown us is that many people find it difficult to represent themselves well using a traditional written CV.

“Writing a CV requires a certain set of skills that many simply don’t have. It’s also really difficult for someone to get across their soft skills on paper.  How does a person communicate their confidence, assertiveness, charisma, or people skills, for example? That’s a very difficult thing to do, and yet those are skills that might make them stand out over and above another candidate.  The result, unfortunately, can be that some individuals have great difficulty getting that first ‘foot in the door’ – an interview. That’s why we’ve developed Working Heads.”

Employers, meanwhile, get access to an easy to use portal of work-ready candidates who they might ordinarily never meet.

Any jobseekers wanting to get involved in Working Heads should contact: Anthony Hollingdale, 07725 445477,; or visit

The Working Heads project is funded by the Government’s Integrated Communities Innovation Fund.

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