Model Citizens Raise Thousands for Kent Charities

Monday 14th November 2016

Kent teenagers raised more than £48,000 for local charities during a six-week National Citizen Service (NCS) summer programme aimed at increasing social responsibility and skills.

More than 3,400 15 to 17 year olds across the county took part in the latest intake of the programme, delivered by CXK since 2011, giving up more than 87,000 hours collectively to social action projects.

The NCS scheme see groups of young people go on team outdoor activity trips, receive mentoring and ultimately deliver their own community project.

NCS graduate Josh Attwell, from Thanet, said: “I found that NCS was the perfect antidote to post exam stress. It helped fill the long summer holiday, otherwise void of structure, with exciting, positive activities and opportunities to build new friendships.

“It made me more confident about my abilities before putting those abilities into practice during the social action weeks. NCS showed me that you don't need special resources or systems to be able to get things done as our social action project started from nothing but a team of inspired young people.


“I really enjoyed the feeling of finally doing something worthwhile and altruistic which has made me feel empowered to continue doing so in the future. NCS is a unique opportunity that is extremely enjoyable, builds friendships, strengthens CVs and helps young people's characters to flourish.”

A recent CXK survey of local NCS graduates revealed that 87% of participants felt that their awareness of their local community had improved, whilst 77% said that their NCS experience had improved their self-confidence.

99% of young people said that they felt more positive about meeting new people, or people that are different to them, as a result of their NCS experience and 98% of NCS participants said that they would recommend NCS to a friend.

Vanessa Henneker, Assistant Director, Young People’s Projects at CXK, commented: “NCS is designed to bring young people together from all backgrounds, and to give them the opportunity to challenge themselves, to build valuable skills for work and life, and to make an impact on their localcommunity through their own design and development of a social action project.”

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