CXK Secures Lottery Funding to Empower Local Young People

CXK has secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund to launch the ‘CXK Youth Action Group’; a project designed to develop a network of children and young people who will participate in the planning and running of the charity.

CXK’s success in securing the funding will enable the charity to bolster and improve upon its existing Youth Board; comprised of a small number of young people who provide feedback and insight to influence the charity’s activity. The investment will be used to recruit and train 10 new Youth Action Group members, to improve the diversity of the participants, and to empower the participating young people to input into the development of CXK. All Youth Action Group members will have been previous beneficiaries of CXK’s services, and will be able to positively influence the way they and their peers are supported by the charity across the south-east.

In developing the Youth Action Group, the charity will engage children and young people from across Kent, Essex and East Sussex aged 10-20 years, who reflect the diversity of the area. The new Youth Action Group members will be supported to take part in training, surveys, focus group meetings, Think Tank sessions, strategic planning activities, and to represent young people to the charity’s Board of Trustees.

As a result of the Big Lottery Fund investment, members of the Youth Action Group will have greater and improved access to training and mentoring, be able to develop new life skills, have increased influence, and will be able to develop new contacts and friends. This in turn will help them to develop a sense of self-worth and to create new life and career opportunities.

Sarah Mills, Assistant Director of Early Help at CXK, said: “Through this project, CXK will benefit from the input of a stronger youth voice. By inviting children and young people to influence the way we offer services will ensure that CXK can continue to deliver the best and most relevant services, which help our customers move forward positively in their lives.”

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