Prince's Trust: Mohamad Okla's Story

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Mohamad Okla’s Story

At the beginning of 2017 I had recently come to the UK from Syria. I was referred to the Prince’s Trust Team programme by the resettlement team at Ashford Borough Council, and I started the programme in April 2017.

The programme helped me make massive progress with my confidence and language skills. When I came to the UK, and when I started the Prince’s Trust Team programme, I spoke very little English. Through being in a team and working with other young people, I was quickly able to develop my conversational English.

As part of the programme, I did some basic literacy and maths, and by the end of the programme I had made huge improvements.

I have always had an interest in medicine and I really want to be a nurse, so I went on to complete a two week work placement with Kamsons pharmacy in Ashford as part of the programme. I really enjoyed the experience and also got to interact with the public, which really helped my confidence and communication skills.

I now want to continue to develop my English language so that I can go on the further education, and eventually become a nurse. I am currently taking Level 1 Maths and Level 3 English with Concept Training.

Mohamad Okla

18, Ashford


Orvinder Dhillon, Pharmacist Manager at Kamsons, gave the following feedback:

“Mohammed is outstanding. Undoubtedly he is good at following instructions and always tries to perform to the best of his ability”.


Sylvia Garde, Refugee Resettlement Co-ordinator at Ashford Borough Council, said: “Mohamad’s English and confidence has only increased since arriving in the UK just over a year ago. Mohamad has displayed great commitment to improving his language skills in order to go to further education. During the Prince’s Trust course that Mohamad attended, I quickly saw the transformation he underwent, especially with his English speaking. Being an adolescent and going through a huge culture shock when arriving here in the UK, Mohamad has only impressed his peers, further proving how strong and resilient he is."