Best Questions to Ask at University Open Days

18th March 2019

four students walk with backpacks towards university open dayThere’s no better way to get a feel for a university than going to a university open day. It gives you a chance to meet current students, find out more about courses, and ask questions that you want the answers to. Questions to ask at university open days might include questions about halls of residence, housing, and nightlife, for example. After all you’ll be living there for at least three years. You want it to be the best three years, right?

So take your chance to dig a little deeper and ask some smart questions that a prospectus or university website won’t answer. To help you make the most of your visit, here’s a list of the best questions to ask at university open days. You can find open day dates for any of the universities by visiting this university open days calendar.

These questions are also useful for any kind of higher education event.

Questions to Ask at University Open Days

  1. What is the best thing about the university?
  2. What is the worst thing about the university, or what would they like to see improved? This is the stuff they hide and don’t put in the glossy brochures. For example, is the last bus back to campus at 9pm, which means you’ll have to pay a taxi fare if you’re out late at night.
  3. What is the most frustrating thing? For example, is there never enough time to get to the photocopier in the library after lectures or are there not many resources on campus?
  4. What added benefits are there (that only a student at the university would know)?
  5. How easy is it to find accommodation?
  6. What’s the cost of living?
  7. What experience do the lecturers have?
  8. What’s the surrounding area like?
  9. Are there plenty of job opportunities available if you want to work whilst studying? For example,  part time and casual work.
  10. What is public transport like in the area?
  11. Is there anything I should bring in particular that would help me settle in?
  12. What is the weather like?
  13. What support services are there? You could ask specifically about careers advice; pastoral support; library facilities; counselling; sports facilities; as well as music studios, rehearsal/studio spaces which are open all the time for creative students.
  14. What clubs and societies are there?
  15. Are there good industry links? What events do they put on to help students progress?
  16. What job opportunities are there in the local area afterwards? (if you wish to stay there after you graduate)
  17. Typically, what do graduates of that course go on to do afterwards?

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