Research Confirms CXK as a Well Known and Well Respected Provider

Friday 29th May 2015

A recent survey amongst our stakeholders and partners has confirmed that CXK is a both well-known and well respected provider of careers information, advice and guidance.

The survey, which was conducted over the telephone and online, was designed to explore the different perceptions of CXK that people may have, as well as discover what their views were on the quality and breadth of service.  The vast majority (87%) rated their contact experience as either excellent or good with 95% of them aware of the work that we do.  In each case, over 90% of those surveyed viewed us professional and knowledgeable.

When asked about the products/services that are offered by CXK, the majority of people (78%) thought that the range of services was either good or excellent and clearly identified that our core offering comprises careers information, advice and guidance; employability services and youth services.  Some others which were selected include social action projects (such as the Prince’s Trust and National Citizen Service); parenting services and early intervention (such as Young Healthy Minds).

Nearly all (97%) described their working relationship with CXK as favourable, with 49% describing it as ‘very favourable’.  94% believe we either exceed or meet expectations and 61% rate us as one of the best organisations they work with.

Commenting on these findings Sean Kearns, CEO of CXK said “Over the last three years we have, as an organisation undergone significant change.  These results, together with our recent successful mobilisation of the National Citizen Service and National Careers Service prime contracts, clearly demonstrate that despite the challenges we have managed to maintain excellent relationships and delivered exceptional service.”