Services for Schools & Colleges

We’re proud to offer a high quality, bespoke guidance service that is tailored to the needs of individual schools, colleges and academies.   

The services we offer help the students we work with to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to progress into meaningful and sustained education, employment and training at key transition points. Advisers have access to granular Labour Market Information and can support students to understand local and national job trends. 

Our independent and impartial advisers are qualified to a minimum of Level 6 and can support schools to develop and meet the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks outlined in the 2018 Statutory Guidance. Additionally, we can help schools achieve the careers Quality Standard as a licence holder with Careers South West.    

We have strong links with Industry National Bodies such as Careers England with which we sit on various task groups to improve standards and shape IAG delivery for the ever-changing world of work.    

We have a successful history of working closely with schools and colleges, offering a range of support services that perfectly meet the needs of your curriculum, your students and their families.

As part of CXK’s charitable mission, we aim to support as many young people as we can with their next steps. As part of this, we provide a range of free resources and guides which, are updated annually by our inhouse experts, including Chris Targett (CDI UK Careers Adviser of the Year 2021 and member of the Careers Writers Association).

This includes our mobile friendly and internet accessible, CXK Careers Hub to support careers research as well as our Career Posters page full of free downloadable resources.