Our Vision & Mission

CXK – One organisation, One Team, changing lives


Inspiring people to thrive


Everyone has access to what they need to maximise their potential. Through support and guidance CXK empowers individuals and strengthens communities

The CXK way

We are passionate, efficient, and transparent. We display integrity, resilience and innovation. 

Strategic Priorities

  • Invigorate and improve the awareness and understanding of the CXK charitable brand, securing greater engagement of beneficiaries, wider stakeholders and communities.
  • Positively reflect, and prioritise the needs and aspirations of individuals and communities in the development, range and scope of all CXK service provision and activities.
  • Secure financial sustainability with emphasis on retention of current contracts, developing new, and preserving cost effectiveness and rigour across funding and income streams.
  • Continue to enhance and strengthen the delivery of high quality services, increasing performance outcomes and impact, working positively to build and nurture an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Build on, and develop the strengths and diversity of our workforce and volunteers promoting a stronger sense of collective purpose, culture and social action.
  • Enhance the effectiveness, breadth and success of trusting partnerships and relationships to achieve flexible solutions, innovative outcomes and focused results for the needs of targeted individuals and communities.



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