Supply Chain Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that CXK is transparent in its arrangements for managing its supply chain when entering into subcontracting arrangements.

The policy and its supporting documents and procedures are in place to ensure that we manage the process of subcontracting in accordance with published guidance.  In addition this policy supports effective relationships with partners and aims to maintain a high quality experience for all learners or other service users. The content of this policy has been developed in line with the Association of Colleges (AoC)/Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) Common Accord, The Merlin Standard and the SFA Funding rules.

Scope and Responsibility

The scope of this policy and the ‘Common Accord’ is supply chain activity using funds supplied by the Skills Funding Agency, the Education Funding Agency or any successor organisations.   As a signatory to the Common Accord CXK Limited will commit to the “Overarching Principle” that “Supply chains seek to optimise the impact and effectiveness of service delivery to the end user.” Refer to Appendix 1.  This policy applies to all potential supply chain subcontracting partnership arrangements for the delivery of funds supplied by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), as well as the Education Funding Agency (EFA) or any successor organisations.  CXK also applies the principles of the ‘Common Accord’ and this policy to any other form of supply chain that we manage.

Reasons for Sub-Contracting

There are a number of reasons CXK may enter into subcontracting arrangements to meet the needs of learners, employers and the community including but not limited to:

  • To temporarily expand provision to meet a short term need
  • To provide immediate provision whilst expanding direct capacity. This might include working with sub-contractors to explore and learn about new frameworks or sectors prior to investment in resources
  • To provide access to, or engagement with, a new range of customers
  • To establish a delivery model and market that is best delivered independently
  • As a suitable route for expansion in a new area / market
  • Where the CXK does not consider that the long term demand is sufficient to establish our own infrastructure
  • To provide niche delivery where the cost of developing direct delivery would be inappropriate
  • To support employers with a wide geographic requirement
  • To support another provider to develop capacity/quality

Selection of a Sub-Contracting Partner

CXK builds relationships with a range of education and training providers.  This enables us to ensure that we can grow our business and provide high quality services to our customers.  CXK selects new sub-contracting partners based on whether they:

  • Complement CXK's existing portfolio of contracts and add value to our services
  • Align to CXK's strategic plan and annual business plan
  • Have a proven success rate
  • Have a reputation in the market/sector
  • Bring value and benefits to the local community and our stakeholders

Supply Chain Management Policy