First of all identify the area in which you would like experience and why

  • Is this to find out if you like the work and/or to grow your employability skills?
  • Is it to find out what other jobs there are in the industry you are interested in or enhance your application for Apprenticeships and/or University?

Find out who employs individuals for the type of work you are interested in.
Job Profiles on careers websites can be a useful way to do this:

Once you have done this you need to find the employers. A Google Search and/or looking on can be a useful start but, not all employers will be listed. In particular small companies, where instead, talking to
people in the industry is the easiest way in. Many of the Job Profiles will list industry contacts where, these further details can be found.

E.g. Farriers are overseen by The Worshipful Company of Farriers:

Additional sources of employer information which may help you:

Think outside the box

  • When looking for work experience consider finding contacts through your networks of friends and family but, also online using tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • It may also be possible to volunteer somewhere first which, may then lead to the chance of being given further work experience.


  • Remember, some work experience opportunities are very competitive to get into and may have specific deadlines.
  • Many larger organisations list these work experience and volunteering opportunities on their websites, which should be your first point of call.

E.g. Kent Police:
East Kent Hospitals:

How to make contact

  • If there are no work experience schemes listed on the company websites you are looking at you will need to either arrange to speak to a Manager or Human Resources Officer. This can be done via the telephone, email or letter.
  • Often arranging to meet in person to discuss what they can offer you is the most likely way to generate an opportunity.
  • Before you make contact, research the company using social media and company websites so, you have an awareness of the company beforehand (including their objectives and organisational culture).

Further websites to help you can be found at:

Download this guide here.