This isn’t your parent or carer’s job hunt…

Automation, is transforming the job prospects of part-time work in multiple ways, several reports mention the demise of regular work which, sustained previous generations through their school, college and university studies.

However, technology has also created many new opportunities within the “gig economy” which, uses technology such as online selling, zero hour opportunities and micro-businesses.

So how can we get out there and find this work? These websites may help to get you started (also check out the app store on your smart phone):

Social media

Posting in your own social network groups that you are looking for part-time work is useful… who knows who you may reach! Just make sure your online profile and social media feed presents you in a positive light (no rude & crude comments or offensive memes).

“Real life” network

Don’t forget to talk to personal contacts (such as friends & family) to find out who they know and if they can link you up with potential employers you could speak to.


Many large companies advertise on their OWN specialist websites or social media but, require searching the internet with phrase searches to find. E.g. “{insert name of company} Careers or {insert name of company} Part Time Jobs

Some companies also use sector specific websites such as to advertise vacancies. Some of these websites can be found at the end of each job profile at:

Speculative CVs

You may wish to consider approaching employers with a CV. Speak to teachers, mentors or a qualified careers adviser if you need help writing one. Have a look at these to help: and How to Write Your First CV with No Experience.

  • Take the CV and yourself to employers ideally in person or, email/ post with a covering letter to the manager or Human Resources officer at the company.

You can find employers to contact via internet searches or on sites such as but think creatively when you do this.

E.g. those wanting to find a Saturday job helping in a hairdressers could contact large hotels and health spas, not just local hairdressing salons.

Don’t forget to search for “part time jobs” or “seasonal work” using tools such as adverts in newspapers, shop windows and online such as and

Remember to also search specialist recruitment agencies (for example those in the cruise ship sector):


Follow up every CV with phone calls and/or visits to show how keen you are! Take the time to research and also get to know the employers you are contacting; building relationships is important to potential success.

Consider offering to work for free (volunteer) for a week to show them how good YOU are! It may land you the job but if not, will give you work experience for your CV (increasing your chances of finding work later).

Download a PDF copy here.