There are many options available for students at Post 16 and Post 18, the following links can help you when exploring your options. You might be considering whether to enrol into college or sixth form, exploring what subjects to take, or perhaps what university you want to attend. Alternatively, you may wish to look at your options outside of university, such as apprenticeships or self-employment.

You may even be a parent or carer, wondering how best to support your child. Whatever your situation, there a range of resources and options available to help you.

Options at 16+

Options at 16:

Options with your subjects

The Complete University Guide

Alternatives to University


These websites will help you when making applications:

Applying for Post 16 options

Applying for Higher Education

Applying for Apprenticeships



Finance for education or training at further and higher education can be a concern, the following links can assist you:

Student Finance for Education

Student Finance for Higher Education

Student Loans Myth Busting

Scholarships and Grants for University

Dance and Drama Awards

Support for students from overseas

Advice on budgeting for College or University


Support for Parents / Carers and

Other Articles You May Find Useful

Interview Advice: College & Sixth Form

A Parent/Carer’s Guide to Post-16 Options