National Careers Service Website

This site contains hundreds of different job profiles, each with further links to explore and labour market information for each role and sector.


Once registered (for free), build your profile by identifying which skills and qualities you are strongest in, these are then “matched” to jobs you maybe suited to in the future. Delve deeper into the information to find out how many opportunities there maybe locally, what other jobs are similar and actual job openings. This “matching” works for some students but not all, as your ideas often change as you develop. However, with this website you can return to your profile time and again, as your skills develop and ideas change.

Success at School

Useful website exploring how subjects link to careers in the future. Various articles to explore what is possible.


Explore different roles and search by subject areas to find out where your choices could take you. Complete the personality quiz called “the buzz quiz” to see if your personality is a good fit with different occupations. This is useful for some students but not the only way to decide on your future choices.


Take this personality quiz to see how your character may link to your future career aspirations. Again suitable for some students but, not all.


Find out what different occupations are like by listening to and watching people who do them.

Careers Theory

Useful for finding out why your ideas and choices will change over time. Different ideas for teachers, parents and students who like to know a little more.

Will a robot take your job

A quiz written by Oxford University and Deloitte exploring which jobs may be taken over by technology in the future.

Your future job

A quiz to explore what jobs may exist in the future that haven’t been created yet.

Post 16-18 Resources

There are many options available for students at Post 16 and Post 18. The following links can help you when exploring your options:

Options at 16+

Options at 16:

Options with your subjects

The Complete University Guide

Alternatives to University

These Websites Will Help You When Making Applications

Applying for Post 16 options

Applying for Higher Education

Applying for Apprenticeships


Finance for education or training at further and higher education can be a concern; the following links can assist you:

Student Finance for Education

Student Finance for Higher Education

Student Loans Myth Busting

Scholarships and Grants for University

Dance and Drama Awards

Support for students from overseas

Advice on budgeting for College or University



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