Safeguarding our Staff and Service Users

CXK is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all staff and service users.  

Through our 'whole organisational' approach, we ensure that all of our staff are able to deal with any complex issues that may be discussed with them and any concerns we have are followed up with the right people in the right way.

To do this effectively CXK will guarantee that all staff:

  • Have completed the organisation’s safeguarding training programme
  • Will respond to any safeguarding concerns immediately
  • Will inform service users prior to sharing confidential information about them with other agencies in order to keep them safe
  • Will share appropriate information with consent where possible; recognising that there are times when information may be shared without consent
  • Will always keep service users informed about any actions taken
  • Will make sure that we are aware of any other safeguarding arrangements that differ from the CXK Safeguarding Policy.  For example this may be when we are working in schools or take young people on residential programmes

CXK promotes fundamental British Values in terms of mutual respect and tolerance of difference. It aims to protect those accessing its services from abuse in its variety of forms.  ‘Prevent’ is an important part of Safeguarding.  ‘Prevent’ is the UK’s counter terrorism strategy preventing people from becoming involved with terrorism.  CXK take the Prevent agenda seriously and has developed a CXK Prevent Strategy for staff to refer to.  Safeguarding and Prevent training forms part of staff induction and is a mandatory training course that is regularly refreshed for all staff. 

There may be times when information is shared without consent with another agency, and the service user may not be informed to keep a third party safe.

Safeguarding Policy

Prevent Strategy