Key Information:

  • Helps your students prepare for work
  • Identifies the skills and qualities they need to develop
  • Provides a structure for career planning

Carrus is a Career Management Toolkit which helps your students to manage their career and employability in the 21st century.

The psychometric assessment focuses on key qualities identified by employers themselves. These are qualities associated with performance, wellbeing and the quick transition to new and different roles

Carrus does not aim to predict which jobs may suit your students because they can all take on many different roles. Instead, it provokes thinking about how well they are prepared for work and therefore helps them to become and remain employable.

Young people are helped to identify qualities they should develop and demonstrate. They are also prepared to access and compete in the job market.

What is included with your 45 minute online assessment?

  • Carrus Development Report: Feedback on four areas of ability and 12 aspects of personality, plus development suggestions.
  • Career Management Guide: A workbook to link to the student's development profile and provide a structure for career planning.
  • Coaching Report: Provides a careers advisor with a narrative report about the student, together with coaching suggestions.

£60 per individual, including VAT and a follow up appointment with a careers advisor.

Carrus is designed by AQR and brought to you by CXK.

For more information about Carrus and to get a licence, email or call 01233 224244.