“I can’t thank you enough for your help and I want to say thank you for the phone calls too because even when my mental health isn’t great you always make me laugh.”

“I look forward to every session as I feel it really helps with my confidence and mental health.”

“Due to COVID-19 I haven’t been able to achieve the goals I wished for but my Base Camp worker has been accommodating my needs and working with me to achieve other goals and strive in other directions.”

“My mentor was very insightful and encouraging and has helped motivate me when I felt like I couldn’t motivate myself.”

Key Information

CXK Base Camp is a mentoring programme set up to support young people who currently are not in education, employment or training.  The programme is designed to support their personal development and/or to help in preparing them to find work, or an education or training opportunity.

In climbing, a “base camp” is a staging area used by mountaineers to prepare for the climb ahead. It is a place where they can acclimatise and ensure that they have the correct equipment and supplies to take with them as they move forward. CXK’s Base Camp does just this – equipping young people with the tools they need to take their next steps.

How it Works

Delivered virtually via video-call or telephone, mentors tailor their support to individual needs, providing a “menu” of skills building sessions to each young person, along with 1-to-1 mentoring. We work with each young person to decide which sessions and support they most need and will find the most useful to achieve their goals.

The Base Camp team currently delivers more than 30 tailored sessions on a range of topics including Confidence Building, Managing Stress, Equality and Diversity, Building Resilience, Job Searching and Time Management. New sessions continue to be designed to meet emerging needs.

A critical part of the Base Camp support has also been our ability refer young people for additional support to address their barriers to progression, including referrals to the National Careers Service for impartial careers advice and to the KickStart programme.

Our Impact

Base Camp started delivering a rolling programme of support to 22 young people in November 2020.

Of the 22 young people that Base Camp supported between November 20 and March 21, 8 are currently still receiving support from CXK.

  • 100% told us they now feel more confident about achieving their goals
  • 87% said they have learned new life skills and developed those they already had.
  • To date 45% of the cohort have a positive outcome – such as finding or job, or moving into education or training.

We have 37 evidenced accomplishments, such as applying for a job or enrolling in training.

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